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Author. Story. Reader. The creative trinity. Originally conceived as an exploration of gender, Blue Forge Press invited three male authors, three female authors, and three nonbinary authors and gave them a writing prompt every month in 2019. But over the course of the year, a more authentic trinity was discovered. These nine authors -- Jennifer DiMarco, Lauren Patzer, Hiromi Cota, Amber Rainey, Marshall Miller, Eliza Loeb, Sheila Mengert, Carrie Avery Moriarty, and David Mecklenburg -- are radically different in terms of style, personal ideologies, socio-economics, politics, race, sexuality, religion... and more. Whether just beginning their writing careers or established veterans of the industry, each author was given the same deadlines and the same prompts but what they created was similar and dissimilar in fascinating ways. Every month in 2020 we publish another volume of their stories. Purchase any single volume in print ($12.99) or ebook ($4.99) by clicking a book cover or purchase a monthly ebook subscription of all twelve and get four ebooks free for $39.92. Purchase January through June in a bundle from our Wholesale bundles for 50% off.

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