Michelle Lee

Writing urban fantasy.

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See Me

Sometimes being an empath sucks. Airiella Raven mostly prefers her own company but when she meets her first ghost she begins a journey she never imagined in her wildest dreams.Mythology, religion, and the paranormal collide and Airiella is tested to the limits of her endurance... and maybe even her sanity. But she has to stay strong to protect the ones she loves and stand up to the powerful darkness trying to unravel her world. Paperback $14.99 | eBook $4.99


See Me Go

Healing is messy. Feeling raw and vulnerable, Airiella learns to let others into the past she has so carefully kept hidden... and it isn’t easy. The ground under her feet starts to feel steadier as her feelings begin to settle and she accepts her place with the group while her powers grow. Jax and Ronnie join her on the path of healing and make big strides into changing the course of what lies ahead for them. Emotions run high, and with the changes healing has brought about, things start shaking up again. Can Jax do it? Can he continue to make progress and admit to himself what Airiella means to him? Can he be the better man he wants to be? Or will he let the darkness festering inside consume him? Paperback $14.99 | eBook $4.99


See Me Revealed

Feeling alone and confused... Airiella doesn't know what she is anymore, but whatever she is, it's a painful and lonely existence. Saying goodbye to her family and the comfort of her familiar life drives that home as she enters the paranormal world with the sole intention of helping someone that hates her. Fighting the feelings Jax brings out in her, she tries to find solid ground and her place in this new life. Airiella must face her past in order to grow into her destiny, while handling the unreal and terrifying things happening all around her... even death. Paperback $14.99 | eBook $4.99

See Me Believe.jpg

See Me Believe

Death. Demons. Revealed secrets. Magic. Airiella tries to maintain sanity amid of a family tragedy with only Jax by her side. He’s the only one left she needs to connect with, and things just took a giant turn for the worse. They’ve both come so far so quickly, and it’s on shaky ground.Everything is changing so fast, and the odds keep stacking against them. Even an angel might not be enough to overcome it all.She has a lot more to lose now, and she’s ready to hand over her heart. With the new threats they were facing, both paranormal and in the real world, Airiella had no idea what the future would hold. Paperback $14.99 | eBook $4.99

See Me Overcome.jpg

See Me Overcome

The line is now boldly draw. Demons have made their intentions clear with Airiella, and she stands to lose everything. She’s drawn a line, and now she has to figure out how to make it work. Jax longs to give Airiella the ordinary and quiet life she craves so much, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Together with the team, they set out to make changes happen and settle the roller coaster their life has become. Can they do it? Will their collective efforts pay off? More importantly, will they survive it? Paperback $14.99 | eBook $4.99

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