Kathryn Leigh Crawford

Writing autobiographical nonfiction.

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An Uncertain Journey: One Couple Navigating a Health Crisis Through Uncharted Territory

One month before her 61st birthday, Kathryn and her husband, Dave, found out that she had a disease that would take her life in less than two years. They never took their good health for granted but, after spending a lifetime eating healthy and exercising their bodies and brains, they expected to enjoy their later years expanding their horizons at home and abroad. Faced with a diagnosis of Myelofibrosis, their options were to either enjoy what months they had left together or to choose a treatment that might extend the quantity of Kathryn’s life but also might kill her, and provided no guarantees about the quality of her life if she survived. This is the story of their journey down that second path, attempting to balance optimism and realism at every turn. 


Available in paperback, ebook and a digital audio edition (with instant download) read by the authors. Please note that the audio edition is a 966.4MB zipped folder that can't be downloaded to most mobile devices. Download the zipped file to a computer, unzip the folder, and move the files to your mobile device if desired. An audio edition on nine CDs is also available from Amazon for $40. 

Paperback $14.99  |  eBook $4.99  |  Digital Audio $19.99 

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