David Mecklenburg

Writing literary fiction, poetry and short stories.

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The Nightingale's Stone: An Ada's World Novel

Between two hills was a decrepit hall. Of what manner of architecture had gone into its spirit and flesh, I could not tell. The profuse and overgrown garden around it--the wild apple trees that climbed and fought with one another -- obscured its age and look. It was as if each step changed the hall, and the lengthening shadows hinted at its great age, a history spoken in a forgotten language.” Ada Ludenow returns to the Harz Mountains of Germany where thirteen years earlier she experienced a love affair that threw her into the uncertainty of life. Hoping to find her lover from that time, she instead finds a hungry but inquisitive supernatural being who may or may not eat her. To forestall becoming his dinner, she tells him of the summer of her twenty-seventh birthday and how it opened the road to Elsewhere.With twenty-one illustrations by the author, The Nightingale’s Stone is the first novel set in the world of Hagengard, a place where reality is a plural endeavor by its inhabitants. Paperback $14.99 | eBook $4.99


Hyperborea: An Ada's World Collection

Hyperborea was the “Land beyond the North Wind” for the Ancient Greeks. Was it real to them and does that matter? Our mythology often shapes our reality despite the assumption that only the reserve is true.For Ada, Hyperborea is the land beyond human company—a realm sometimes called solitude and sometimes called loneliness. Like most places—both real and imagined, both literal and mystical--Hyperborea changes over time. Its topography is written in the brush-strokes of love, grief, language, and routine. And its creator? Ada. And, in equal measure, not Ada at all.Explore lyrical essays and arresting artwork in this newest collection from Ada’s World. Paperback $16.99


Small Events: An Ada's World Poetry Collection

In this companion to The Nightingale’s Stone, Ada Ludenow explores the power of relationships to make and unmake us by using language itself as a fundamental binding force to use or misuse for gain or at our own peril. What emerges is one woman’s portrait of the world as an ambivalent, often hostile place, made livable by our ability to perceive the small events of beauty that overcome us in unexpected ways.With color illustrations of each poem, Small Events offers timeless meditations on how we make meaning of love, hatred, memory, and being human. Readers of The Nightingale’s Stone will find a further expansion of that work’s themes and new readers will find a philosophically poetic voice inviting them to enter the plural reality of the Hagengard. Paperback $16.99

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