David Kennedy McCulloch

Writing middle reader adventures and autobiographical nonfiction.

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Wullie the Mahaar Gome: Blackhope Scar (Book 1)

Finnley McDougall’s boring schoolboy life in Seattle gets turned upside down when Great Uncle Hugh gives him a most unusual gift – a scruffy, rude, bad-tempered Scottish rock creature called Wullie who brings danger and disaster with him wherever he goes. From French snobs in fancy hotels, rusting barges on the Seattle waterfront, abandoned coalmines and flooded quarries in the Scottish hillsides filled with bullies, gangsters, slobbering dogs and weird food Finn is drawn into an evil plot that threatens to destroy everything he loves… including Edinburgh Castle. The only person who thinks that Finn is smart enough or brave enough to survive all this is his best friend and next door neighbor, Hadley Kobayashi, a girl who is wiser and tougher than Finn.

Paperback $16.99  |  eBook $4.99


Wullie the Mahaar Gome: Twilight Cave (Book 2)

A beloved sculpture is stolen by an acidspitting rock creature in Barcelona. A smart, brave thirteen year-old girl deals with her father’s ditzy girlfriends in Seattle. A doleful sandstone gome battles wolf hounds and guard geese at Cragganbogle Castle on the Western Isles of Scotland. When Finnley and Hadley’s Seventh Grade class is invited to spend a vacation in Spain these unlikely events are drawn together into an adventure filled with more danger, weird food, snooty popular girls, underground cave cities and evil bog witches than they could have hoped for. Can they survive the Rock Pit of Torture and Justice, attacks by a cloud of midges and divebombing bonxies, and the embarrassment of Hadley’s mother’s naked Druid dance under the Midsummer moonlight? Only if their scruffy, rude, bad-tempered companion, Wullie, can do the impossible.

Paperback $18.99  |  eBook $4.99


Wullie the Mahaar Gome: Chondrite Vault (Book 3)

Finnley McDougall’s best friend Hadley is dying of gomebane poison. The secret cure was lost five hundred years ago when the Inca Empire collapsed. And unless he can control his emotions Finn will stiffen up and turn to stone. Dealing with school bullies and obnoxious popular girls was a lot easier than this. And to make things even worse, Wullie, his scruffy, rude, bad-tempered friend and protector is being hunted by the most evil gomes in Europe. Can Finn trust Varry Doo, the bog witch of Calanais, to help? Will he survive getting slathered with alpaca grease and soot, eating freeze-dried llama meat, and getting covered in condor vomit? If so he may need to crawl through the snow past decomposing sheep carcasses and an army of angry gomes to try to save the day. It won’t be as easy as it sounds.

Paperback $20.99 | eBook $4.99

Shadow Canyon.jpg

Wullie the Mahaar Gome: Shadow Canyon (Book 4)

A scruffy, rude, bad-tempered mystery adventure! Public buildings and monuments are collapsing around the world... and no one knows why! A reclusive multinational corporation claims to have found the answer. Finnley McDougall and his best friend Hadley are growing apart from each other as things at school become weirder and weirder. Tessa of the Golden Star remains stuck in the wrong place and time. Wullie-The-Mahaar-Gome, their scruffy, rude, bad-tempered protector seems unable to help. Despite the victory in the Battle of Tårsjo Plain life on the planet does not seem safer. Power in the gome world is shifting to a city in Central America ruled by a cruel tyrant who uses slaves to build up his empire and protects his city by a volcano below and a lake up above filled with murderous bull sharks. Can anything restore balance between the worlds of gomes and humans? The answer may lie in an inaccessible canyon on the Navajo Reservation on the Colorado Plateau that is drawing in the attention of the world.


Available in paperback, ebook and a 23-hour audio edition (with instant download) read by the author. Please note that the audio edition is a 1.9GB zipped folder that can't be downloaded to most mobile devices. Download the zipped file to a computer, unzip the folder, and move the files to your mobile device if desired.

Paperback $22.99  |  eBook $4.99  |  Digital Audio $19.99


An Uncertain Journey: One Couple Navigating a Health Crisis Through Uncharted Territory

One month before her 61st birthday, Kathryn and her husband, Dave, found out that she had a disease that would take her life in less than two years. They never took their good health for granted but, after spending a lifetime eating healthy and exercising their bodies and brains, they expected to enjoy their later years expanding their horizons at home and abroad. Faced with a diagnosis of Myelofibrosis, their options were to either enjoy what months they had left together or to choose a treatment that might extend the quantity of Kathryn’s life but also might kill her, and provided no guarantees about the quality of her life if she survived. This is the story of their journey down that second path, attempting to balance optimism and realism at every turn. 


Available in paperback, ebook and an audio edition (with instant download) read by the authors. Please note that the audio edition is a 966.4MB zipped folder that can't be downloaded to most mobile devices. Download the zipped file to a computer, unzip the folder, and move the files to your mobile device if desired. An audio edition on nine CDs is also available from Amazon for $40. 

Paperback $14.99  |  eBook $4.99  |  Digital Audio $19.99 

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