Chris Anne Wolfe

Writing science fiction, fantasy, romance and contemporary fiction.

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Roses & Thorns: Beauty and the Beast Retold

A greedy father. A beautiful daughter. A faceless noble. With a word, Aloysius bargains away Angelique’s future for a hefty bride-price, and no one, not even Angelique’s beloved mother can save her. Angelique is taken to a strange and marvelous estate where she is befriended by Culdun, her Liege’s fey companion. And though Culdun hints at darker forces, Angelique is drawn to her host. Will Angelique’s growing love be strong enough to save her Liege? Or will she flee once the secret is revealed? Paperback $14.99


Annabel & I

A timeless romance outside of time. The bridge of years. The bonds of love. Which is stronger? Jenny-wren lives in the 1980s, but Annabel’s world is of the 1890s. Despite the distance of time between them, they are brought together on the mysterious and beautiful Chautauqua Lake, their unfolding love both gentle and passionate. Destiny has linked their worlds, creating a classic, timeless love story graced with beautiful interior artplates by Chris Storm. Paperback $14.99


Talismans & Temptations: Stories of Aggar and Beyond

With introductions by friend and publisher Jennifer DiMarco, Talismans & Temptations: Aggar and Beyond collects short stories, songs, poetry, and fragments of novellas by lesbian-feminist author Chris Anne Wolfe. With the exception of the powerful biographical short story Death, Sweet Suitor Mine, all the offerings in Talismans & Temptations have never before been published. Paperback $14.99


Shadows of Aggar (Book 1)

Before her death in July 1997, beloved lesbian-feminist author Chris Anne Wolfe published only two of classic Amazon adventure novels. But by naming Blue Forge Press as her literary executor, the series has continued. Diana n'Athena is an Amazon working for the Terran empire on the medieval planet of Aggar. Her mission is to rescue a downed pilot/spy from Aggar's wilds. But when the Council demands she be bonded to a Shadow in order to be allowed to make the journey, things get interesting. Shadows are exceptional guides and fighters, but Elana is something more -- she has the gift of the Blue Sight. As the two women race against time to prevent an all-out intergalactic war, they become erotically entangled, complicating both their lives and putting their mission in danger. Paperback $14.99

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Bonds of Aggar (Book 2)

There are more powers on Aggar than the Blue Sight. More dangers than the Terrans. And more loyalties than the Bonding. Shadows of Aggar wasn’t the end of Elana and Diana’s story. Tragedy strikes on the eve Elana and Diana are to leave Aggar behind for Diana’s homeworld, drawing the two women into one more mission. But the politics and social corruption on Aggar run deeper than either woman suspects and Elana finds herself torn between following her love to the other end of the galaxy and her duties to her collapsing homeworld. Set immediately after Chris Anne Wolfe’s best-selling classic, Shadows of Aggar, and authorized by Wolfe’s literary estate, Bonds of Aggar delves into the dark side of Aggar itself and the complications that come with being powerful in a world that shuns difference. Paperback $14.99

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Wilds of Aggar (Book 3)

The Mistress of the Keep has died. A force is sweeping through Aggar that is blinding the Seers, making it impossible to locate budding Blue Sights and potential Shadows just as heavy anti-Blue Sight sentiment is building across the world. As the new, young Mistress of the Keep struggles to pull the sacred institution back together, Elana and her Amazon companion, Di'Nay, are tasked with finding the source of the seers' blindness while locating and securing safe passage to the Keep for as many vulnerable young Blue Sights as possible along the way. Their mission will take them through the deepest, darkest wilds of Aggar -- far from the familiar territories around the Keep and northern mountains they've explored before -- as they fight to save Aggar's most vulnerable. Paperback $14.99

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Fires of Aggar (Book 4)

Royal Marshal Gwyn of the Amazons of Aggar travels into danger to aid and protect Blue Sighted Llinolae, the ruler of Khirla, a city plagued by Terran raids. But magic is afoot, political plots brew and these two women may need the advice of two who lived hundreds of years before, Diana n'Athena and Elana n'Sappho. Paperback $14.99

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Sands of Aggar (Book 5)

Three women so different, they may as well be from worlds as vast and varied as their ancestors. The face of Aggar has changed — war, conflict, healing, secrets — but these three will come to find that their similarities are as deep a bond as was ever formed. The vast desert calls and the whispers of changelings beckon. Cultures have risen and fallen across the land but some things remain constant even as everything is about to change. Jacquin the dancer. Adrian the warmage. Rox the hired sword. They are all more than they appear to be. They all carry secrets and stories. They will begin strangers and become something startling and new. Paperback $14.99

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Oceans of Aggar (Book 6)

A mighty Amazon of the sea who has lost her way. A Blue Sight fleeing for her life, focused on a single, deadly mission. The face of Aggar has become nearly unrecognizable. The people have traded their free will for peace, bowing down to the Choir, a mysterious, faceless force in the dreamscape. The Choir’s Songs sweep across the land, controlling the minds of the people. Controlling everyone but the Amazons — who have taken to the ocean, protected from the Songs by the winds over the sea. Gender, race, religion, and conflict have become things of the past but there is a darkness under the utopian veneer. Aggar beckons for new heroes. A secret as old as Aggar herself must be uncovered. Nix the Amazon captain. Reve the agent of chaos. They are the last of Aggar’s chosen guardians. The only two with the will to challenge the Choir’s rule and risk sacrificing Aggar’s peace to regain their freedom. Together they will discover Aggar’s dark origins and change their world forever. Paperback $14.99

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