Susan Nordman

Writing science fiction and short stories.

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Beyond the Wall (The Haunting of Orchard House)

When Lori and Jim moved into the rundown caretaker’s house just outside the wall of the old Orchard House Estate, they delighted in the rumors of its ‘haunted history’ where ghosts roamed freely in the old apple trees. But as the two crossed the wall to explore the abandoned property, they soon discovered the legend had its roots buried in facts... and the dead were the least of their problems. This pocket-size Blue Flash edition is a homage to dime novels of the past and is designed to get you hooked on a story in a flash! Expect 9500- to 11,000-words in length—perfect for reading on a lunch break and falling in love with the printed word all over again. Find your next favorite author with Blue Flash editions.

Paperback $5.99



The empath Thane and his adopted telepathic daughter Ilaria are summoned to the Wald to investigate a dead body washed onto the shores of the densely forested planet; however, once it is discovered the deceased had been a renegade psychic, the body is destroyed before they can determine who she was or, more importantly, what she was doing on a forbidden planet. As psions are hated and mistrusted by the Citizens of the Janus Empire, there are few who care that the evidence showed the woman had been murdered. Their investigation is seemingly at a dead end until dozens more bodies are discovered—all of them psychics and all of them killed by having their psychic cells removed. Determined to discover who is murdering their kind and why, Thane and Ilaria’s investigation is complicated even further when the ambassadors of a neighboring empire turn up dead and their own Emperor is nearly assassinated.

Paperback $14.99 | eBook $4.99

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