L.V. Ana

Writing contemporary fiction.

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god is a tuscaloosa drug addict

ZJ feels lost in a world that seems too evil for redemption. Arielle is a Cardinal-Bishop in the Roman Catholic Church with very peculiar ideas about faith and the role of religion. When the two meet for coffee one evening, their lives are forever intertwined. In Arielle, ZJ sees the light he searches for so desperately – something good he can cling to when the world is at its darkest. However, the closer Arielle and ZJ become, the harder it is for Arielle to hold onto her faith, until eventually there’s nothing left. In desperation, ZJ removes himself from existence. To save him Arielle must traverse Heaven and Hell to restore her lost faith. If she fails, history will be rewritten without the Crucifixion, without Christianity, and without her.

Paperback $14.95