Kristie Gronberg

Writing contemporary fiction, fantasy and horror.

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Scarlet and the Noble Wolf (Fairy Tales for All)

Welcome to Fairy Tales for All, classic fairy tales re-imagined for a diverse and modern audience, exploring themes of survival, disability, independence, self-discovery, and love of self and others. Eleven-year-old Scarlet lives with her dog and her grandmother in a quaint cabin in the woods. When their peaceful lives are interrupted by a violent home invasion, Scarlet and her loyal service dog are plunged into a fight for survival—their own and that of their beloved Grandma Ellis. This pocket-size Blue Flash edition is a homage to dime novels of the past and is designed to get you hooked on a story in a flash! Expect 9500- to 11,000-words in length—perfect for reading on a lunch break and falling in love with the printed word all over again. Find your next favorite author with Blue Flash editions.

Paperback $5.99

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