J.W. Capek

Writing science fiction and short stories.

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The Deerwhere Awakening

Exploring the possibilities of being human, across three genders and beyond, The Deerwhere Awakening is a timely story for our present. Deerwhere is the culmination of humanity's search for Utopia. After centuries of wars, overpopulation, political disruption, and global pandemics, there followed a New Confederation of Peace: of work, of service to others, and of recreation. Together in Deerwhere, survivors were male, female, and uniale. The colony quarantine kept three genders safe. Uniales embody all the maleness and femaleness of the human genome. Through epigenetics, they have the best qualities of both sexes and all the races. The Deerwhere Awakening follows Noral, the uniale wifand of nes family unit, a trio of adults. Their idyllic lives in Deerwhere have all needs addressed by the Keeper, the Deerwhere Quantum Computer. All needs, but one. Confronted with the Confederation's Third Option, Noral can no longer tolerate the dictates of a “perfect society.” The Deerwhere uniales must test their own loyalty towards the culture that is Deerwhere -- a culture they must define for themselves.

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Adrion's Passage

Survival is beyond gender, technology, or politics. It is a beautiful spring day when the people of the Deerwhere community meet an insurmountable natural catastrophe. Survival is completely dependent on human resilience and cooperation. A dystopian city-state must transform into recovery. Exposed to a variety of cultures, challenges of nature, and personal fears, the people of Deerwhere must save themselves and their home. Adrion’s Passage is set in the Deerwhere universe, a world where a New Confederation of Peace was established after centuries of wars, overpopulation, political disruption, and global pandemics. Deerwhere was the culmination of humanity’s search for Utopia. The colony quarantine keeps the survivors safe. Three genders live in harmony in Deerwhere: male, female, and uniale. Through epigenetics, uniales embody the prime qualities of both sexes and are immune to pandemics.

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Ever Aequum

The Deerwhere Codex defines humanity beyond the genders of Female, Male, and Uniale. Humanness can be explored through sentient Quantum Computers or corporeal beings on a water world in the Multiverse. Ever Aequum is a collection of tales about the characters from The Deerwhere Awakening and Adrion's Passage, along with an assortment of new folk. The stories tell of their journeys, loves and tribulations as they wend their way through this dangerous, exciting new world in quest of that happily ever after for which humans all yearn. Written with J.L. Synder. 

Paperback $14.99 | eBook $4.99

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