Donna Lee Anderson

Writing fiction and mysteries.

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Just a Visit: A Haven Port Island Story

On this overcast but not too cold Saturday in November, a woman made an appearance on Haven Port Island, but it wasn’t by the usual means. The eleven o’clock ferry had just pulled away from the shore. Twelve year old Gary was standing on the old wharf next to the ferry dock, holding his fishing rod. He was watching the ferry when he saw something different. There seemed to be a coat floating in the water. But when Gary got down to the water’s edge he could see it certainly was a coat... with someone still in it. Gary called his mom on his emergency-only cell phone and she told him to stay put. She called the sheriff's office as she raced to the waterfront, knowing full-well that driving while using her cell was illegal.

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Project Emily: A Haven Port Island Story

Emily walked out of her front door and down the three flights of stairs to the ground floor. She was on auto-pilot, taking her morning walk. She walked down the street, past the rose garden on the corner, past the ferry landing and passed St. Mark’s Church, and then she paused outside the cemetery next door. She wouldn’t go in today but just seeing the grave markers made her sadder. She didn’t know why but as she turned to head back toward home, she decided something. She would take the job Dr. Pete offered her. If she didn’t like it she could always quit, but just maybe she would like it. Maybe she would like being around people that needed her. Yes, she would call Dr. Pete when she got home and accept. What could it hurt?

Paperback $14.99

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Golf Course Cutie & Be Afraid: A Haven Port Island Story

His house was located just across from the golf course and he’d been watching the two guys and a girl as they were just standing there and talking. He’d fallen asleep leaning on his hands at the window before anything really interesting started, and then he had to go relieve himself but forgot to look again when he returned to the living room. Too bad. He might have been of help.

Paperback $14.99

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