David Martyn

Writing Biblical and historical fiction and mysteries.

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Huldah and the Last Righteous King (A Little Good Book)

A Little Good Book is a collection of shorter works by Christian historical fiction author David Martyn who has penned two successful series of novel-length works. Whether drawn to Biblical stories or mysteries of the early Church, readers will find Martyn’s work rich in faith and authenticity. Come meet Huldah, a woman of God, prophet and teacher, and King Josiah who loves the Lord. Discover or rediscover the story of a long lost scroll of God’s law and a revival led by Josiah. But has God’s patience already come to an end? Has He made a new plan for Huldah and Josiah? This pocket-size Blue Flash edition is a homage to dime novels of the past and is designed to get you hooked on a story in a flash! Expect 9500- to 11,000-words in length—perfect for reading on a lunch break and falling in love with the printed word all over again.

Paperback $5.99


The Praise Singer (The Hall of Faith Book 1)

A New Testament story lived in Old Testament times. An orphaned and nameless slave called only Jael, meaning "mountain goat," is left to tend the village flocks. He sees the revelation of God all around him. After learning that the rainbow is a sign of God's covenant spoken to Noah, Jael runs off to find Shem, a son of Noah, who confirms that Jael's new gift of praising God in song is the sign of his calling to God. His journey takes him to Salem where King Melchizedek disciples him and confides that God has one thing against him and Jael must confront God's indictment. After Melchizedek sends him home to shepherd his village masters, Jael faces personal tragedy and doubt in his new flock. Through it all, his encounter with God in Melchizedek's garden is his solid foundation of faith. Jael's journey, like ours, is a lifelong struggle to keep his promise to God; to first love God and then love all men.

Paperback $14.99


The Oak of Weeping (The Hall of Faith Book 2)

One of the great love stories of the Old Testament. Deborah, the lifelong friend and nurse to Rebekah, is the witness to the singular marriage of the beautiful and adventurous young Rebekah as she leaves her home only one day after learning that the Most High God, the God of Abraham her uncle, has chosen her to be the bride of her forty-year-old cousin Isaac. Isaac, a son of God's promise to be a father of nations by whom all men will be blessed, struggles to understand the faith of his father in a God who tested Abraham and Isaac to the point of offering the boy Isaac as a sacrifice to God.The Bible assures us that Isaac loved Rebekah and he is unique among the patriarchs, his eyes never wandered, he never took another wife or concubine. Their marriage faced many trials. Rebekah remained barren for twenty years before God fulfilled his promise to her of twin sons. It was a promise with a prophecy which she never forgot and one which put her at odds with Isaac in the ugly competition between Jacob and Esau. More than a helpmate, Rebekah completed Isaac, the two being one husband and wife as God intended in the Garden of Eden.Deborah was the lifelong servant, beloved friend and a constant reminder of God's love for Rebekah and Isaac as they lived lives that God called them to. The Bible tells little of the life of Deborah but how she was mourned tells us of the powerful impact that her remarkable love made upon the patriarchs. Her story is a lesson in our calling by God to first love God and then love our neighbor.

This book is available in trade paperback, ebook, digital audio and CD audio editions. Both audio editions are more than eight hours read by the author. The digital audio edition can be download right after purchase as a zipped folder. Download onto a computer, unzip the files then add them to your phone or play them from your computer.

Paperback $14.99 | eBook $4.99  |  Digital Audio $19.99  |  Audio CD Set $49.99


The Epistle (The Hall of Faith Book 3)

The Temple priest is thrown to the floor as the Jerusalem Temple sways and shakes. The skies blacken with storm clouds and rain extinguishes the fire of the Great Altar. The frightened priest watches in horror as the great curtain separating the Holy of Holies is torn from top to bottom. On the Damascus road at a hill called Golgotha three men hang from Roman crosses of crucifixion. Why does God shake the very foundation of His Temple? Fifty days later the Holy Spirit descends in power on the young priest named Ezra and a young woman, Mariam, who has taken the Navarite oath. Ezra and Mariam are baptized into a new faith. How does a temple priest live for Jesus? How does he reconcile the Law and temple sacrifice with his new faith? Has Jesus established a new priesthood? A story of faith, revelation and love that takes root in the early church during a time of upheaval, injustice, and persecution.

Paperback $14.99 


Called into Service (A Robert Curtis Mystery Book 1)

The year is 1621 and Robert Curtis has been left for dead. But Robert isn't just any soldier fighting in the early years of the Thirty Years War. He's also an English priest. Pulled back from the brink by strangers and bound by loyalty and gratitude, Robert is drawn into the search for a young Calvinist pastor imprisoned in Mainz. Lives cross and uncross as unexpected truths are revealed and connections that shouldn't exist are discovered nonetheless.Robert and his new friends journey across Germany as they face darkness and corruption seeking aid for the outnumbered English defenders of the Palatinate. Calling upon the courts of dukes, princes and a dowager queen, they uncover far more questions than answers: What ties them all together? Has an assassin targeted Robert? And how can an Austrian priest, a Reformed pastor, and a disillusioned Anglican sow the seeds of reconciliation in a Christian church at war with itself?Called into Service is the first book in the Robert Curtis series of mysteries. Enter his world of politics, religion, and ambition to explore a story of faith, mercy, justice, and love.

Paperback $16.99 

soldiers of the king.png

Soldiers of the King (A Robert Curtis Mystery Book 2)

A deadly accident... or was it? An experienced gamekeeper is killed by the Archbishop of Canterbury while hunting with King James. Determined to be an accident, Captain of Royal Cuirassiers, Robert Curtis, is bothered by a simple question: Why was an experienced gamekeeper in the wrong place? Robert uncovers new evidence, a crossbow arrow in a tree above where the King was waiting. Was King James the real target? Robert’s search for the mysterious gamekeeper leads him into the company of England’s secret Catholics. A world of priest holes, safehouses, and persecution. The beautiful Lady Montclair introduces Robert to influential Catholic nobles. Fearing civil war, they support Robert’s search for zealots determined to return England to Catholicism by assassination, terror, or force. Robert is torn between his investigation and struggling to fulfill his Anglican priestly duties.

Paperback $16.99

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Lords & Ladies: The Banqueting House Plot (A Robert Curtis Mystery Book 3)

War and famine devastate Europe. Piracy and slavery are spreading. England is divided. A desperate King James clings to hope for an alliance by marriage with mighty Spain while aiding his daughter, Elizabeth of Bohemia, and her protestant allies as they battle the Hapsburg Spanish and Holy Roman Empire. The Lord Inquirer, Sir Robert Curtis, witnesses the murder of a Spanish envoy at the gala opening of King James’ magnificent new palace Banqueting House. Sent to recall the Spanish Ambassador, the young envoy’s body is spirited back to Spain without protest. The French foreign minister leads a delegation opposing the Spanish alliance. He arrives with a ruthless protégé’ of Cardinal Richelieu, a mysterious Basque assassin, a sultry woman and her court of courtesans. English nobles join the foreign campaign in the English court. The King’s favorite, the Duke of Buckingham, leads the Prince of Wales on a foolish campaign to win the hand of the Spanish Infanta. The murder of the envoy is only the first act of a new war of intrigue in the English court. Old conspirators will re-emerge and find new allies. Sir Robert must thwart the threats to his aging sovereign. But when Robert’s wife, the lovely Lady Eleanor, is identified in an attempt on the life of Buckingham, the plot becomes personal.

Paperback $16.99

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