Dakoda Foxx

Writing short-form thrillers.

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The Magic in the Nightmare that was Me

"I kept trying to run away from me... ...but there was nowhere to go that I wouldn’t be there. The more I ran, the more I needed to run. It was hard for me to see where I was headed because I was blinded by fear. The nightmares, the daydreams, and the panicking was going to be my demise." Dakoda Foxx’s debut memoir recounts her life from becoming a child bride at age thirteen, through seemingly endless cycles of abuse and assault, until the moment she decided to be her own savior and take back her life. Incredibly raw and always vulnerable, The Magic in the Nightmare that was Me is a story of survival, perseverance, and a spirit that refused to be broken. "I knew the direction that I wanted to go, and it was just a matter of time before the pieces of me fell into place like a puzzle."

Paperback $14.99


Paranoia (The Haunting of Orchard House)

When Jazmen wanted to get away and purpose to her girlfriend Jenny, she never expected it to be this grand or this thrilling. But Orchard House had its own plans for their engagement! This pocket-size Blue Flash edition is a homage to dime novels of the past and is designed to get you hooked on a story in a flash! Expect 9500- to 11,000-words in length—perfect for reading on a lunch break and falling in love with the printed word all over again. Find your next favorite author with Blue Flash editions

Paperback $5.99

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