Carol DiMarco

Writing children's books and essays.

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This Port Orchard Life: Essays of Small Town Life

Mother, grandmother, writer, and farmer, Carol DiMarco juggles the humorous, frustrating, heart-warming, and always unique experiences of life in this, our own town Port Orchard, Washington. Residents of any small town will relate to the Americana charm of Carol's locales and situations, empathize with her neighbors, and find themselves laughing at her wonderful sense of the absurd on her quest to find everyday joy.

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The Magical Child

Once upon a time, in the days of castles and kings, dragons and things, there lived a little girl named Angela Marie. She was magic but she didn't know it. But the sneaky wizard Evol knows there's something special about Angela Marie and he has a plan to get rid of her before she steals all his wizard business! Maybe Evol's fuzzy monsters will gobble up Angela Marie... or maybe Angela Marie will prove that Evol is evil after all. This is a Blue Forge Press edition that encourages creativity. Enjoy this story with crayons! 

Paperback $9.99



Alchemy means: The seemingly miraculous change of a thing into something better. A young caterpillar has what it needs to grow and change: The sun, the rain, the wind and a strong tree to support it. But when it emerges from its cocoon, all are amazed by the magic it will carry with it forever. A simple and beautiful story about the power of nurture and nature. If you cherish The Giving Tree, you'll open your heart to alchemy. This is a Blue Forge Press edition that encourages creativity. Enjoy this story with crayons!

Paperback $9.99

Rumors or War.jpg

Rumors of War

“There is talk of war.” Is it only rumors? The kingdoms of East and West Moon are prosperous, ruled by two brothers. But King Rain is discontent. He listens to a rumor. He rushes to war. His brother, King Cloud, raises his army in response. Neither ruler hears the small questions, the young voices that call for caution, for reason, for time. On the battlefield, all will be decided. But who stands between the armies? A line of children. Their voices will be heard. An all-new edition of the 1977 classic. 

Paperback $9.99

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