Bella Van Winkle

Writing contemporary fiction.

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Don't Forget Me

Parker doesn’t quite understand why people are so happy all the time. He doesn’t feel that often, especially not in his own home. But at least he has a roof over his head, right? Parker didn’t want that nowadays. He spent his days trudging through hallways, twisting his hands and trying to remain unseen. Well, until he met... 


Eryn doesn't quite understand why his mom is still with her abusive boyfriend. He’s angry most of the time. People were just too much for Eryn’s loud head. His best friend dragged him into work one day, and he was miserable, to say the least. Well, until he met...


Parker and Eryn are whirled through this life together in a story infused with romance and terrifyingly real feelings, something neither had felt before. Suddenly, both of them had to think about the emotions they felt for each other... and the consequences of those feelings.


Paperback $14.99 | eBook $4.99