Amber Rainey

Writing fantasy, romance, and short stories.

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Angels of Anarchy: Sharon

A hundred years after the omnipotent Divinity came to Earth and declared himself the Creator, the United States of America is a fully Divinian country and Sharon Riesinger is a renowned religious scholar. But what shaped her? What drives her? And does she truly believe in the entity that treats America like it’s his?Written by Amber Rainey, the actor who voiced Sharon in the animated film, Angels of Anarchy, these three stories explore Sharon’s truths. This pocket-size Blue Flash edition is a homage to dime novels of the past and is designed to get you hooked on a story in a flash! Expect 9500- to 11,000-words in length -- perfect for reading on a lunch break and falling in love with the printed word all over again. Find your next favorite author with Blue Flash editions.

Paperback $5.99


Eternal Willow

Reeling from the death of his mother and his brother Lochlann’s departure to the Royal Navy, Ciaran Allen finds himself alone and thrust into life as ward to the King and Queen of Eiremoor. He grows up alongside the magical and headstrong Princess Orla -- the two fighting with each other nearly as much as they fight for each other -- planting the seeds of love beneath the branches of their favorite willow tree. When war is declared, the newly betrothed Orla and Ciaran separate as Ciaran takes to the high seas, battling both the enemy and vicious pirates. When Ciaran is believed dead after a major battle, Orla is faced with the decision to marry her friend and ally, Prince Olav of Fadersogn, or believe that the love between her and Ciaran can transcend anything -- even death.

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Rainey’s best stories of the year. In 2019, Blue Forge Press selected nine authors and sent them monthly writing prompts for one year. They were radically diverse people in terms of experience, style, ideology, class, politics, race, sexuality, and religion, but they all gave a year of their creative lives to craft their best work. From the author of the classic romantic fantasy, Eternal Willow, and the creator of the family series Cassandra and Two Chicks and a Frog, comes a collection of short stories that explore love, choices, and the transformational process of pain. A director, filmmaker, and actor, Amber Rainey draws from her many creative paths to add layers to her storytelling and create authentic depth to each tale. Blue Forge Press used a light editorial hand to allow the writer’s voice to be heard in its original state: Undiluted, unaltered, and raw. Metamorphosis collects all twelve stories written by Amber Rainey plus an extensive interview and a thirteenth bonus story written in 2020. Discover all nine authors in Trinity Winter, Trinity Spring, Trinity Summer, Trinity Autumn, and The Trinity Guidebook for all one hundred seventeen stories.

Paperback $14.99 | eBook $4.99 

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